How to Stay Cool and Save Money

By Suzanne De Vita

Staying cool can be difficult during uncomfortable summer spikes and dreaded heatwaves.

According to fan manufacturer Lasko, an average homeowner spends nearly $2,000 annually on energy bills, with 25 percent of that consumed by air conditioning. By simply turning the A/C thermostat up, and adding fans to any space, consumers can still stay comfortably cool while saving money.

Lasko reminds consumers they can also keep cool by:

Creating a refreshing party space. Summer is the season for entertaining, so keep cool air moving by strategically placing a fan with a head that tilts fully back—like an 18-inch pedestal or “tornado” model—to create ongoing airflow throughout multiple rooms.

Turning the thermostat up. Day and/or night, simply raise the thermostat a few degrees and add one or more fans for up to 10 percent home energy savings without sacrificing comfort. Consider a portable, lightweight fan that can go from room to the room with ease.

Staying in summer shape. If you’re working out at home, save more with a small fan in your workout area to keep body temps in check from warmup to cooldown. An oscillating high-velocity fan (with wireless remote) is a perfect workout partner.

Moving in and cooling out. Students gearing up for next semester or entering the working world need to stay on budget. Every dorm room, campus home, or first “after college” pad—with or without A/C—can benefit from fan cooling, saving more money for necessities and activities.

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